How does Accreditation works for Six Sigma

Let's evaluate this by asking the question who developed and promoted Six Sigma as a concept in the world.

We would like you to go through

Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute, Inc has not seeked any accreditation, verification or validation of their Body of Knowledge from anyone, any party due to the simple fact the entire structure of the programme and its content was developed by the Co-Creator of Six Sigma, late Mikel J Harry PhD.   


SSMI was founded by the Co-Creator of Six Sigma Prof. Mikel J Harry in year 2003.


It's Prof. Mikel J Harry who introduced Black Belt, Green Belt certification to the world in the first place and trained the first-ever Black Belts the world (ref. . He created the DMAIC methodology which is the fundamental core of Lean Six Sigma as a concept and made it a success story by consulting 50 plus Fortune 500 companies generating $500B. He also wrote 50+ titles. Please read the evoloution Six Sigma using this link to understand what I am trying to explain here


We don't believe there's anyone who can accredit our content or the programmes.

Its just like Prof. Michael Porter needs no accreditation on his five forces model or generic strategy model from anyone but himself.


In ideal scenario we should be looking at accretiting other programmes, however we have opt-out of it as it would be a conflict of interest, as we are still engaged in training.


On ethical grounds we don't comment about any of other certification exams out there intiated by many private companies and 6th or 7th generation tutors the subject. However, I believe, you would be interested to know introduction of Six Sigma to ASQ also started by Dr Harry and the original Black Belts were trained by him. Refer Dr. Gregory Watson's profile here. who was the then CEO of ASQ  


We would like you to independanty assess the creditibily of these institutes that were mentioned and their recognition in the market. There is no body to accredit any of the Lean Six Sigma programmes in the world. Most companies that potraty themselves as International bodies are just web sites managed by individuals.  

Most companies and individuals are aware of this and don't recognise these credetials.


I would also like you to look at going through our Alumni in Sri Lanka itself and start talking to them to understand this better. You can see many Sri Lankan testimonials in our youtube channel.


Our pogramme can be completed 100% online. The classes that we provide in Sri Lanka are to support the students to complete the online programme and its optional

 from anyone, any organisation on the content or programme structure.

Six Sigma was a concept developed by Motorola leading back to year 

Six Sigma was found by DSsSSMI® is the only avenue for Lean Six Sigma practitioners to obtain their LSS credentials from the Co-Creator of Six Sigma and National Best-selling author, Dr. Mikel J Harry, the Leading authority on Six Sigma in the world ( 



The SSMI® Lean Six Sigma Body-of-Knowledge (SSMI® BoK) was designed using 35 years of successful practice and application knowledge of Dr Mikel J Harry and several of his distinguished colleagues. Our content is tried and tested by world's leading corporates including many Fortune 500 companies, business leaders, academics, leading universities and practitioners.

The World's First ever Black Belt group in Motorola, trained by  Dr Mikel J Harry, 30 years ago.


SSMI BoK consists of over 1500 video tutorials (delivered using Over-the Expert’s Shoulder (OTES) method), 180+ training documents, downloadable training slides & 40+ simulators, web links  and many more, personally designed and delivered by Dr Mikel J Harry.   



SSMI programmes can be started anytime, accessed from anywhere 24 x 7 using any device and opted to complete the programmes using 100% Online or Blended mode.



Our new pricing structure is customized to suit each geographical location in Asia and we also do offer volume discounts for group enrollments. 


We offer a range of enterprise training solutions that can be accessed across geographical boundaries for corporates, training institutes and universities.


SSMI BoK, unlike any other programme, consists of hundreds of additional expansion videos and application videos including training on statistical software Minitab, JMP & MS Excel. Our partner agreements with multiple statistical software providers also enable trainees to own selected Statistical Software packages at a discounted price (e.g. Minitab, SigmaXL).

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