Growing demand for SSMI’s Blended Lean Six Sigma Belt Training amidst Covid

We are getting a lot of attention to our Blended Lean Six Sigma Belt Training. Companies that once would not look at Virtual Training are now starting to listen. We learned many years ago that Blended Training provides the most retention. We combine asynchronous self-study that allows each candidate to view the training on their own schedule and at their own pace within the constraints of the cohort class. This is important. A university class is usually taught to the "rabbit" and everyone else is forced to keep up. In a commercial training environment, teaching to “the rabbit" is not acceptable so the instructor selects the "average person" to target instruction. This means some are bored and some are still left struggling. Allowing self-study means some candidates are able to use video speed enhancement while others are able to stop the video to take notes, or to even watch a difficult lesson multiple times. By supporting the self-study with Live Virtual Webinars candidates are able to get the Q and A that is so valued in Live Instruction. Additionally, the instructor is able to summarize the high points post instruction which increases interaction. Instructors are also available to meet with candidates via email, telephone, or video conference when extra support is needed. While people are working from home flexibility is one key thing they would consider a priority. And SSMI Blended Training exactly caters to that need. In other words, the inviduals can learn the original content, developed and is taught (posthumously) by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the Co-Creator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma at their own pace. As most of the companies have done so far, every company should make use of this great training opportunity provided by SSMI, as it is the promise of SSMI, the originators of Six Sigma, to give the value you deserve.

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