SSMI LSS MBB (APAC/Middle East/ Africa)


The SSMI® Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training & Certification program is designed and developed to upgrade the skill set of already certified Black Belts to become mentors, trainers and change agents, and leaders in their organizations. The programme is designed and developed based on the original teachings of the late Prof. Michael J Harry, principal architect of Six Sigma and National best-selling author along with a panel of experts using years of research. The content is updated constantly to provide the latest knowledge and skills required for developing a competent Master Black Belt.


Already certified Black Belts and Master Black Belts from other institutes with a minimum 2-3 years of post-qualifying experience. Successful completion of any professional qualification or a Master's degree is necessary to support the academic demands of this program.

We can't improve what we don't measure. We don't measure what we don't value.
–Dr. Mikel J. Harry



Global Concepts

  • Training Orientation
  • M01 Breakthrough Vision
  • M02 Business Principles
  • M03 Process Management
  • M04 Installation Guidelines
  • M05 Application Projects

General Practices

  • M06 Value Focus
  • M07 Lean Practices
  • M08 Quality Tools
  • M09 Basic Statistics
  • M10 Continuous Capability
  • M11 Discrete Capability

Technical Practices

  • M12 Hypothesis Testing
  • M13 Confidence Intervals
  • M14 Control Methods
  • M15 Parametric Methods
  • M16 Chi-Square Methods
  • M17 Survey Methods
  • M18 Nonparametric Methods
  • M19 Experimental Methods
  • M20 DFSS Methods
  • M21 Measurement Analysis
  • Digital Training Project

Program Syllabus


  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme Recap
  • Innovation Tools
  • Integration of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Project and programme management
  • Advanced Statistical Tools (Multivariate analysis, Logistic regression, Conjoint analysis etc.)
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Enterprise-wide Lean Six Sigma deployment - Best practices and Case Studies
  • Lean Six Sigma Standards - ISO 13053-1 & 2 and ISO 18404
  • Additional Lean metrics
  • Mixed model Value Stream Mapping
  • Introduction to iGrafx and Minitab macros
  • Metrics conversion
  • QNS reporting

SSMI® BoK is available fully Online using MindPro® Learning management system platform to be accessed from anywhere 24 X 7

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  • Submission of 5 completed improvement projects
  • Presentation of a paper/article at an accepted industry conference on Lean Six Sigma
  • Publishing an article on Lean Six Sigma
  • Recommendation letter from the sponsoring organization
  • Successfully passing Master Black Belt Qualification test
  • Conducting minimum 120 training hours of training (Green Belt or higher)
  • Completion of 21 Black Belt programme exams and Digital training project
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