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Experts in Lean Six Sigma Training, Coaching and Deployments

Dr. Mikel J. Harry’s Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI) is the leading innovator of Six Sigma methodologies in the world. Specializing in research and development of Lean Six Sigma and process improvement training curriculums, delivery systems, supporting tools and resources.

By combining Dr. Harry’s 20-plus years of experience in the field of Six Sigma along with new technologies, SSMI is able to deliver expert knowledge at a fraction of traditional costs. Whether you require expert consultation regarding your Enterprise Program Deployment, need Strategic Project Coaching or want a quick solution for Leadership Development Training, we can help.

The Great Discovery Leadership Development

The Great Discovery is a systematic way of thinking that delivers superior solutions to pressing business issues — anytime — anywhere. The “discovery” itself is a way of thinking that enables business leaders (at all levels) to rapidly innovate, deploy and implement business solutions for breakthrough goals. In this sense, The Great Discovery is the way of thinking that better unifies, focuses and guides individual contributors and work teams to breakthrough – in everything they do.

The Great Discovery

Lean Six Sigma Online Training and Coaching System

MindPro is the most comprehensive Online Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching system available.

  • This video based enterprise system provides a platform for digital and blended training and a Best Practice Coach for reference while on-the-job
  • All video instruction is provided by Dr. Harry himself, ensuring that you are receiving the best training at the lowest cost without instructor variation
  • 15 programs are available for individual and group sales
  • Licensing agreements are available for enterprise use
MindPro Lean Six Sigma Online Training and Coaching

Lean Six Sigma Online Testing and Certification System

Our Testing and Certification system is designed to ensure the highest levels of knowledge transfer are achieved. This system can be used in numerous ways by corporations or individuals as listed below.

  • Online Program Qualification and Proficiency Certification exams used in coordination with MindPro training programs in a digital or blended format
  • Lean Six Sigma or process improvement testing system tailored to a corporate client’s specific needs
  • Individual Black Belt or Green Belt practitioners may obtain SSMI Proficiency Certification when combined with the MindPro Digital Training Project Program
  • Corporate knowledge exams baseline existing strengths and identify process improvement competencies needing further training or coaching
MindPro Testing